Samarpan (Pkl)

Started our Art Therapy workshops in May 2017 at Samarpan, a community kitchen that feeds children from the slums near Gaggar bridge, Panchkula. There were about 70 kids in Samarpan who worked with us. We spent 1 hr per week for 6 months with these kids and did a variety of exercises with them that is geared to improve memory, concentration, gives clarity and focus while creating art. 

During our time with Samarpan we did a Diwali Herb sale to raise funds for the children at Samarpan so they could have some Diwali cash. The kids were provided with pots, dirt, saplings, decorative items for the pot and we sold these at an event that we organised at Casa Bella Vista. They also learnt to tend plants, be responsible for them, and understood that there is a reward for labor. After the sale we distributed 250/- to 70 kids.