Run for Libraries (Ongoing)

The Coloring Box – Run for Libraries – Proposal

Objective: Create reading nooks in existing facilities we are associated with (Ashiana/ Snehalaya/ DIR/Vatsal Chaya plus 1 more) through volunteer initiative involving running/walking for sponsorship from various companies. We want to encourage children to read by creating these libraries in places where no one is paying attention to this need.

This project will also encourage people to get out and walk/run thereby creating  wellness for themselves as well as being able to raise funds with their labour towards a good cause.

This project is a 2 month project where we raise funds that will cover the cost of creating shelves and filling them with books for children at the mentioned facilities.


Projected requirements: Book rack at 4 facilities will cost around INR80000/-.

Books (Hindi as well as Bilingual) will cost approx. Rs 200/- each.

@ 50 books per shelf we will need approx. 2000 books at the 4 facilities.


How: Volunteers will find sponsors to sponsor each km run/walked and a target number of kms will have to be commited by the TCB volunteer to cover, before the corresponding amt is handed over to the volunteer. For example, TCB volunteer will commit to 30/20km a month for x amt. The number of kms will be tabulated by TCB volunteers who will not run/ walk but will be present on 2nd and 4th Sat in Nov (10th and 24th)for the walk/run at Sukhna Lake to help with tabulations.

Sponsors can also pledge the shelves or even donate a set number of books towards the project in lieu of money.


Sponsor benefits:

Promotional shirts will be made with their logo that will be worn during the runs by the volunteer. There will be Social media promotions for the company as well. Media will also cover the events.

Sponsor profile: Anyone from the wellness industry, Hospitals, Gyms, beauticians, dieticians, Real estate people, small businesses, large businesses, corporates , professionals like accountants, lawyers, Doctors, engineers, builders, architects, etc.


Highlighting the need for “being responsible for your own health” while doing a good deed, sponsors will commit to either/both of the foll:

  1. Build a rack ( carpenter available, measurements set already, approx. cost Rs12K)
  2. Buy x number of books ( List available)

This commitment is bound by Kms that the volunteer promises to run/walk for the sponsors commitment.

For example: I promise to walk 20 km for Just Herbs over 2 Saturdays in Nov. On completion of those 20 kms( these will be tabulated/completed at events at the Sukhna Lake), sponsor will do his part of the deal.


The idea is to make a difference by encouraging children from the weaker sections of society to read. While this is the main goal of this project we wish to create a feeling of wellness and include everyone who wants to help for greater good through the walk/run.