Launch of The Coloring Box Trust

Having always wanted to give back to the community I have been part of many socially relevant activities through the years in India as well as in the US. I have studied art therapy in the Us and was looking to put into action what I’d learnt. I also realised that I wanted to contribute in the underprivileged sector since that is the one area where “therapy” in any form was most required. Having dwelled on the idea for a couple of years I finally spoke about it to a few friends and thus  was born TCB. Shail Sachdev, Founding Member TCB, backed me 100% and has been a rock in our endeavour to do more.We wanted to launch TCB in a manner where we would be able to connect with people through art, since that was our therapy tool. And so we had the launch where people picked up their brush , paint and canvas and painted. …. while we promoted the idea behind the event to our friends and art enthusiasts. As it turned out the launch was a huge success and we reached over a hundred interested volunteers on that night alone….. Neepa Sharma