About Us

The Coloring Box is a non profit organisation that provides an environment that is emotionally supportive, respectful and nurturing not only for the kids we teach but also for the volunteers who participate with us.
We believe that young kids have curious minds, innate talent and incredible spirits, all waiting to be awakened and nurtured.
We know that our small community of volunteers just create the ideal learning environment with this hands on therapeutic program through art where we actively make the kids participate in the activities designed to develop/emphasize on critical thinking, application of knowledge, and creative reasoning. So that the kids can have a better life balance.


TCB” has been set up to mentor and support underprivileged children from rural and backward areas. We strongly believe that art of expression should not be limited to the privileged few and that resources should be used to provide equal opportunity to all children to express freely and through therapeutic art based exercises to better their own lives.


 ‘TCB”  will provide supporting services to existing NGO’s, rural schools, to begin with. There are many verticals to this program. In the process of implementing  the program we have identified budding artists. We plan to help these particular children by giving them the opportunity to participate and compete in State and National level Art Competitions. We also wish to award scholarships to deserving children.