The TCB Diwali Initiative

The Herb Sale

At TCB we are constantly thinking of ways and means to better the lives of children of organizations we are associated with. We worked with children of Samarpan in Panchkula for 6 months. During this time we came up with the idea of The TCB Diwali herb gift. This would enable the kids to earn Diwali spending money and they would also learn about herbs and their uses as well as learn to take care of their own plants. We provided the 60 kids at Samarpan with pots, dirt, herb saplings.  The kids decorated their own pots, we taught them to plant the herb saplings . We added tags to introduce the kid who tended the plant, info about the herb and its benefits. After 3 weeks, we had a Diwali sale. The proceeds provided INR 250/- each for the kids at Samarpan. We also got several orders for Corporate gifts. This was a huge success and made a lot of kids very happy.


Benefit to the child out of this initiative:


  1. Will learn to care
  2. Will learn responsibility
  3. May take up the initiative to kick start individual ambitions as an entrepreneur.
  4. Will learn about different herbs and their goodness.
  5. They will learn that there will be fruits to their labor.